Labour Day

Happy Fete du Travailles, or Labour Day which is a bank holiday here in France. Ironic really as we have been working our tails off for the last couple of days painting the hall in the gite.

Our plan this trip was to paint the hall in the gite, then also paint and wallpaper the current dining room (what will be our living room) in the big house. It became very apparent that the second one of those things was just not going to happen.

We thought all the wallpaper was all off in the big house, it’s not, damn our cheese addled memory! One of the walls I wanted to wallpaper has a big cast iron school radiator on it (love it) but will need moving before we crack on. It’s still full of stuff that we need to clear, and, it’s a pretty big room which is going to take time to sand, prep and clean. I think if we can get some more of the prep done this trip, oooh, and determine if we have lovely floorboards under the lino then we’ll still have achieved a lot.

The hall was prepped and ready to go last trip with exception of needing a sand, and so far we have got 2 coats of white on the ceiling, 2 coats of a colour I would describe as damp plaster, on the walls, plus one coat of white on the doors. It’s proving time consuming because of all the damn cutting in! 6 doors to cut in and paint around, plus sockets and switches etc. The walls look good but I reckon the ceiling needs another, and the doors might need another 2 coats.

We’re having a break tomorrow as we can barely move, and the weather looks kind so we’re going to try and be tourists for the day. Hopefully I can fill you in on our adventures tomorrow.

Meanwhile, our fridge turned into a possessed being, somewhat like Stephen King’s demonic car “Christine”. Started making an ungodly noise if you: opened it, moved it, turned off the power. You’d think it was fixed and then as soon as you turned your back, off it would go again. With the very kind assistance of Le Papa, as it would not fit in our hired mirth-mobile we have a new one and it fits perfectly. Typically not a peep out of Christine since the new one has been in the house. I think it’s silently plotting the newcomers demise…….

I put the kettle on this afternoon and promptly blew the fuse that supplied power to several kitchen sockets. Fixed now, but oh the joys 😀.

It’s firmly apero o clock here now, Thai green curry for tea made by the hubster, he does look after me!

Got to hang out some washing today. Got to say the view from the washing line does make all the hard work completely, totally, absolutely worth it!


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