It’s, 20 past 9 in the morning, I’ve had a coffee and retreated back to bed. The sun is streaming in through the front door and the new paint colour is seemingly soaking it up and radiating it back out. My walls are glowing like they’ve just had some Readybrek. I like it.

Why do weeks here fly past?

You seem to only just get settled in, just get the chill off your duvet and your towels, then it’s time to close the shutters, lock up and go back to the glass fronted cattle holding area of Limoges airport and back UK-wards.

At least this trip, and thanks to the endless bounty that is provided by Pinterest, we discovered a product called Eparcyl, which is great for “feeding” your fosse septique if you’re not using your, er, plumbing, on a regular basis. You open the sachet, tip the contents into the loo, and flush. Apparently feeds the system for 6 months, and we have had no slightly sulphurous emissions from the system usually half way through the week as normal, so taking that as a win! Thankyou Pinterest!

Our new fridge, “Christine II” is perfectly ensconced under the kitchen worktop, alongside the original “Christine” who hasn’t made a single bloody noise since we installed the young pretender. Dark forces are at work…..but hey, more storage for cheese and alcohol!

We’ve taken some time out to explore and just be tourists this trip. We’re very aware that our two little furry bundles of mischief will be with us next time we’re here, so have been scouting for things to do with them and some suitable walks that are within easy reach of home. Chateleus Le Marcheix has seemingly endless conservation trails, and a sandy beach plus lakeside walks, about a 5 minute drive away. Seems like a perfect place to start. I need somewhere that I feel comfortable walking solo when Craig is away, and with its campsite and holiday lodges, Chateleus has just enough civilisation to be a winner I think. We have a lovely woodland walk on our doorstep, but is used by hunters in the season and it’s not somewhere I think I want to wander by myself.

We’ve ventured further afield to a gorgeous Chateau in the Dordogne, about an hour and 45 minutes from us, we visited the French village where 600 people were massacred by the SS on the 10th June 1944, and we spent a lovely few hours with the Wolves of Guéret yesterday afternoon. Each one deserves a blog post in their own right but I just haven’t had time yet. I’ll get on it!

We’ve also been busy harvesting leaflets on other things to visit, see, do. There is just an overwhelming amount. The road to the Chateau was just spattered with signs to things of interest, more Chateaus, caves, ancient churches, wisteria clad auberges that are begging to be sat outside with a glass of panache on a hot afternoon.

We had a bbq last night, was still lovely and warm late into the evening, so steak for Craig, garlic prawns and new season asparagus for me, with garlic mayo. Future me would whip up some hollandaise. Current me, couldn’t be arsed quite frankly. I had Kriter to drink and it felt like effort doing anything else. I pity the fool that has a garlic impregnated hobo-wife as a seat buddy on our flight home this afternoon…..

I really need to get up and pack, we still need to properly measure the kitchen, and I have 2 lavender plants and some perpetual onions to pop in the garden somewhere for now, to be relocated when we’re back for good.

I don’t bloody well want to go though!!!!

TTFN xxx

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