Just checking in

Hey guys, busy as ever, so just a quick update.

Firstly, one of the estate agents had to reschedule a valuation. To 4.00pm TODAY!!!!!

I did a 16 hour ish, clean and de clutter yesterday and hopefully today will be easier. They won’t be taking any photos today so it doesn’t need to be at show home standard, which is fortunate for all concerned!

On the landing yesterday I glanced into Craig’s “nerdatorium” and noticed a black mark on the wall. This turned out to be one of the biggest spiders I’d ever seen in my life. Bleuuugh!!! I emptied half a can of raid in there, and sealed up the room like a crime scene. Hubs can deal with that on his return…..

We’re at the stage now, where if we can’t find a home for something it goes in a plastic box and in the cellar. Job done!

Problem is I need to constantly hoover, and the joy of having a Dyson is, about 6 minutes of most excellent suction and then several hours on charge, and repeat. I said some very bad words to it yesterday which I’m not proud of…..

So, wish us luck! I’ll keep you posted.


Our “Summer House” has had a bit of a makeover. What do you think?

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