Howdy folks. I am properly knackered. Hubby is away this week and I’ve been pulling 12 hour days getting our house ready for photography.

Firstly, do they send the people that put up for sale signs to ninja school? Never heard a thing, then I’m rearranging my vintage china so it doesn’t look like I’ve rammed it in the cabinet with my foot, glanced up and wham, there it is. Yikes! Felt a tiny bit sick.

We have so much stuff it’s ridiculous. I have discovered a love for Big Yellow Storage though, especially if I’m being pushed up the corridors on a trolley. (I’m nearly 43 and technically allowed to adult, just in case you were wondering). I could hang out there and people watch all day. My favourite so far is a couple wheeling a Barney the dinosaur suit around like it’s totally normal.

I’ve done a few trips this week due to staging the house for photos. This included according to the guide from the estate agent: removing all bins, towels, rugs, coats, shoes, personal toiletries, kitchen appliances, pet bedding and bowls. I feel like I’m living in a weird hotel room. Everything I couldn’t find a home for got shoved in my car until I ran out of room. The stuff I couldn’t rehome got put in a plastic box and manoeuvred around from room to room, jauntily out of camera shot. Loving our new monkey bed-side lamps though, they look great, they have the right mix of contemporary and victorian that really works in this house.

As soon as the photographer had gone, at 5.00pm I realised I’d only had a slice of toast all day (before kettle and toaster went into my car) so straight to the chippy. Went to put some salt on it and @!?!?? it’s buried in the back of my car. Went to put the plate in the dishwasher and promptly ripped the cupboard door front off. Gah!!! Leaving that for the husband to fix when he returns methinks.

So given everything we have going on, what else do you think would be a good idea? Getting a third dog I hear you cry! Couldn’t agree with you more!

We have been thinking about this for a while now, our beloved Cleo is 13 this year and has noticeably slowed down. She still loves her walks and food and cuddles, but is happy to nap most of the day. Shelly is only 5.1/2 and an absolute bundle of joy and mayhem, and we’d like him to have a playmate.

We’ve followed a Lurcher Rescue called Lozzas for sometime now, we donated our family 6 nations sweepstake winnings to them last year. When she posted a picture of this little munchkin it was hard not to be a bit smitten. I messaged Craig (he was in the pub) and to be fair he told me to go for it, so it’s his fault…..

I emailed Lorraine (Lozza) and she remembered us from our donation and we had a very lovely chat. Her name is Biscuit 😍, she’s 2 years old, very sweet natured, house trained and has been living in a foster home. She’s a Spanish rescue dog, Lozza does brilliant work over there. So, we’re getting homechecked tomorrow and will go to meet her on Sunday with a view to bringing her home if everyone gets along. Eeek! We know the timing could be better but she’s a great fit for us based on what we’ve seen and heard so far. It can be difficult to find the right match when adopting a rescue dog so sometimes you just have to be brave and go for it! We seem to be good at that!

I’ll keep you posted on progress on all fronts!


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