The calm before the storm

Hey guys. It’s weird but after the full on working my ass off for the last few days, today I feel oddly deflated. Like I don’t know what to do with myself. I had a lie in, well, 8.30am, enjoyed a leisurely walk with the dogs. The woodland path and meadows are just insane at the moment, the cow parsley is neck high and the meadows are splattered with golden constellations of celandines. The wind is rippling through the grasses like a sea of silvery velvet, and I am properly sneezing my sodding chops off! The hay fever that I’ve had since childhood and has been pretty dormant the last few years is currently rearing it’s head, such fun!

Met a lovely like minded dog crazy this afternoon in the form of Gaynor, visiting to do our home check for our forthcoming adoption of our newest family member Biscuit. We chatted for a good hour and a half. At one point she had 6 dogs! So having 3 is nothing right? Shelly decided to show off by emptying his entire toy basket one by one and running about with his squeaky purple octopus the whole time. He’s such a *moog. Cleo just slept through the whole thing bless her. A playmate will be good for Shelly while the grand dame snoozes on our bed in a patch of sun.

Seen the first draft of the brochure for the house sale, just a slight tweak but should be on line tomorrow in time for the bank holiday weekend. To say that I’m thrilled with the photos would be an understatement. It’s odd seeing your home in pictures that way, it looks so familiar but not quite yours if that makes sense. I still feel a bit nauseous.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend some overdue time with the mothership, and I really should go and reclaim our bath mats from storage before I break my neck getting out of the shower…..

Lastly, never pressure wash in bare feet, as this photo illustrates.

*moog – dog like creature from trippy cartoon series Willo the Wisp.

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