Planning, planning, planning…..

Goodness, me loads to tell you.

Firstly we have accepted an offer on our house, we held out and got what we wanted so happy days! Now we’re in the hell of completing the seller’s survey but I’ve sidestepped that one on to the husband while I do more planning on the removals front.

We’ve planned out that we’re going to actually do this thing mid Sept, so I’m busy securing quotations for the move, plus we’ve had a kitchen designed now which I think we’re going to go with, so also needed a quote from the freight forwarders for that, which I don’t think is too bad considering we have some appliances to move.

The reclaimed wood has been delivered in France and the floor proper is going in next week so that’s exciting too. The old kitchen sink and cupboards have been taken out as well so progress is being made.

The kitchen design process at Wrens was really enjoyable, we’ve gone for a flat pack option for ease of shipping and cost, happily it was the design I liked the most which just so happened to be cheapest. Sadly though, the compromise there is, only 2 colours, cream and pale grey, went for the grey, and I can’t have the Belfast sink that I wanted as the units have to be off the peg so to speak. Seemed churlish to spend thousands more on a more expensive kitchen because I would have liked a darker grey colour and a farmhouse sink, but that was the only compromise really. Decided on solid oak worktops as I thought that would look nice with our lovely old beam and oak dining table. Plus I’d almost forgotten we have a donated dresser top in France that will look great on one wall over the units, as we’ve left the walls clear for open shelves or whatever takes our fancy. I’d love a big old French shop sign or something for one of the walls, I saw some fabulous absinthe signs on Instagram last week, something like that would look amazing.

In other news it was Mr Rosbif’s 40th birthday and we spent a most agreeable few days in Cornwall with my bro-in-laws and partners to celebrate. We had a great time and thanks so much for having us guys!

We took Freya for her first proper trip to the beach. It was clear she hadn’t seen the sea before and was really uncertain about the water. But with some time she would dip her toes in and now we can get her into the reservoir up to her knees which was previously unheard of. I don’t know if we’ll ever have a swimmer but she’s definitely getting there. She also had her first free run, one unplanned as she slipped her harness, the second and third we had squeaky toys, garlic sausage and the dog whistle. We all spread out on the quiet open beach and each called her to run between us and she was brilliant, so proud of her. It’s still a long way from letting her off in the woods but she’s doing so well. It’s beautiful to see her running zoomies on the beach. Shelly is just the ultimate beach dog, he adores it. We discovered if you pick him up when he’s swimming his little legs keep paddling when he’s up in the air. Just adorable!! Cleo was quite happy trotting backwards and forwards on the beach and laying in the sun. It was the same beach we took her to on our first camping holiday together pretty much 7 years to the day ago. I wonder if she remembers? They were all exhausted at the end of the day with all the swimming, paddling and sunbathing, it’s a hard life!

Recent austerity measures have meant that just eating out together with the dogs in the sun felt like such a wonderful treat, and it’s the relaxing break the birthday boy deserved and needed. Of course he’s now a disgusting colour, and I’m the requisite colour of spam. Ah well.

So, loads going on and will keep you updated. Any comments on kitchen design most welcome, currently Pinteresting like a ninja!


Terrible shame isn’t it? About a 5 minute walk from our lovely hosts and the heather was stunning.

And the view to the left…..sigh….

And sunset.

Gwithian beach was like the Med.

how Poldarkian is this? Where’s Cap’n Ross?Owning the place as per usual.look at him though 😍Sandy paws are the best kind.Freya’s first beach tripThe cupboard style and colour and the worktops. Will be darker once oiled.All the twiddly bitsTa-dah!Whadya think?Where it’s going eek!

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