How many more weeks of this?

World Cup. I’m so over it already. The last time I got excited about football I was wearing Asda’s finest polyester Alan Shearer shirt, Gazza cried, and Gary Linekar hadn’t started flogging Walkers crisps. These days they all look about 12, and have double barrelled names that sound like firms of small-town insurance brokers. I don’t know who anyone is, and I don’t rightly care.

But, I do have a beer and there’s Strawberry Carte D’or in the fridge so the evening isn’t a complete bust……

I had a lie in this morning thanks to my lovely husband. Yesterday was another knackering slog to get the house ready for a viewing. We were all prepared to not like these people given they’d previously arranged a viewing and not turned up, but they turned out to be lovely. So lovely in fact, that we even had a drink outside the pub with them afterwards. Then this morning, they made an offer, which is great, but it’s not what we want. Given that we’ve only been on the market for a few weeks and we now have 2 more viewings on Saturday we’re in no rush, we can afford to wait for the offer we want. I’m still hopeful they might counter offer tomorrow, there’s been talk of them wanting to buy some of our furniture so I don’t think it’s over just yet. They complete on their sale on the 11th July and face moving in with family, so although they are an ideal buyer, we are also ideal for them with no chain. I negotiate for a living (or did pre HW (hobo wife)), we know what we want and we’re more than prepared to wait for it. Our house is pretty unique in a market full of new-builds too but definitely nice to have had an offer, even if we’re not accepting it. That said every time the phone rings I jump a mile. Good job I’m not in a country pub, Kirsty and Phil style. I’d be flinging that glass of red wine skywards, but it would make for good TV.

Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking to Lorraine from Lozza’s Lurchers, and we’ll soon be completing the adoption paperwork for Freya. She’s asleep on the sofa next to me with her lanky legs everywhere. Things feel pretty normal now, I can’t really think what it was like not to have her to be honest. Even if her toilet roll destruction count is 4 today, and today’s lawn casualty was a tube of Elemis body scrub. To be fair it was a relic of a spa day from my hen weekend so will be almost 6 years old, so she’s actually helping me declutter.

Had a lovely weekend, dinner out on Saturday for a friend’s birthday, I was a brave girl and had octopus which was delish, and then a tortilla which when cut just oozed raw wet egg like a messed up salmonella savoury fondant. Not cool! Snotty egg white is my nemesis, just bleugh, never mind a pint of it seeping on to my plate.

Then Sunday a lovely teppanyaki meal with family before the long awaited re-scheduled Flight of the Conchords gig, which was predictably beyond awesome. Had the best night.

Tomorrow Ikea breakfast club will be in session, always a delight. Great veggie sausages and good company makes for a happy hobo-wife.

TTFN xxx

I don’t know which of us cares less that Belgium has just scored……

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