I have a little dieting bulldog crying pitifully for his tea at my feet right now. 15 minutes boy, you can do this!

Bored, bored, bored…

I know, your hearts bleed given I don’t have to suffer the Sunday/Monday morning blues anymore, and believe me when I say I’m not complaining. I’m somewhat confined to base due to the addition of dog 3 and prolonged absence of husband. Tick tock to when he’s home again on Friday, but going a little stir crazy. It’s infinitely easier to walk the dogs from home as I don’t have to put 2 of them on lead for the duration. Although we ventured to the RSPCA’s secure paddock for an hour on Saturday to give madam a run and to try some recall training. She’s vigorously licking my toes right now by the way and it’s off-putting…. This morning we went to Oakwell hall for an hour for a change of scene, but it’s lambing season so had to wrangle 3 of them on lead for longer than I’d anticipated. Cleo made another break for the cafe’s open door again the monkey, so many apologies and oiking her out by the collar. She has form in this area, she’s going on lead every time we pass in future. I really enjoyed a nice quiet walk in different albeit familiar surroundings. Car journeys in my little vehicle with the three of them I find quite stressful so I don’t like to take them very far.

Ordinarily I’d bake or craft something, but my baking stuff is in storage, and the last time I tried to paint some Warhammer figures I got green paint on the living room carpet which isn’t ideal when trying to sell your house. Not that anything seems to be happening on that front but I have to remind myself it’s only been available to view for a little over a week.

I’ve finally watched some films I’d been looking forward to, Three Billboards first, which was great, really enjoyed it if that’s the right thing given the subject matter. Then Disney Pixar (obvs) Coco, which I knew would have me predictably sobbing, and indeed it did. Really enjoyed it, although not sure why the song won the Oscar instead of This Is Me from the Greatest Showman which I adore!

I’ve watched a lot of Flight of the Conchords (again) and we’re all very excited to be going to see them at the Leeds arena on Sunday now Brett’s hand is better from falling down the stairs the goon!

I’m ashamed to be hooked on Made in Chelsea, in the way that you can’t look away from a traffic accident. We need to move to France soon as I swear a little bit of brain trickles out of my nose with every episode. Binky and Cheska are not adult women’s names, they’re the names the public vote on when China successfully breeds a new Giant Panda…..

I’ve watched some of Anthony Bourdain’s last episodes of Parts Unknown as well. I’m not over it. It’s odd that you can mourn the untimely passing of a stranger, but he was a very eloquent, intelligent, charismatic stranger, and one that I respected immensely. His ability to break bread with presidents, princes and sometimes the very poor, all the while showing that we have more in common than politics and religion would have us believe, and ultimately food brings us together. The world needs more Anthony Bourdains not less.

Got to feed the boy, he’s just pitiful!


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