Cold showers

Hey guys. I have a very tired little Podenco today. Mainly because of her constant need to go to the bedroom window every time she hears the slightest scuffle in the garden by either bird or beast. When the Dothraki dragons started to carry on in the middle of the night (we think it’s a bird of some sort) she’s out of her bed like a shot and at the window. Because the floors are Lino, we get the sounds of madam’s claws flamencoing about every 10 minutes, usually followed by one of us bellowing, “in your bed”!

A tired little Podenco, generally means a tired everyone else, and that would be correct, not great with a relatively early start for Craig today. Sadly back to business as usual, after a rare month with both of us in the same place hubs is back in Blighty for a few days and it’s my first time home alone. So far so good, been busy all day but it’s not quite dark yet, but nightfall here tends to fall with a resounding clang. Still, It’s hard to feel uneasy with a protective fairy light perimeter.

We seem to be missing a box of coats somewhere, searching for them in the dark by holding an Ikea solar light aloft like a weird Florence Nightingale yielded nothing, so Craig couldn’t pack the jacket he wanted. I’m sure we’ve had them here but can I find them?? Nope!

We were without hot water for just under a week due to an antiquated water heater packing in. Thanks again to Le Papa ably assisted by Craig, for fitting our new tank, bending pipes with a hairdryer and getting thoroughly soaked fixing leaks. Nobody likes a cold shower, and washing my hair over the double sink, rinsing it by using a small milk pan to scoop up the water and essentially throwing 90% of it on the kitchen floor I won’t miss!

Yesterday, while the menfolk were fixing the tank, I was in the garden with the dogs and a couple had stopped their car and were looking around the front of the house. We had a good old chat, they are fellow Brits and they live in a mill on the way to a neighbouring village and were here to say hello. Turns out both of our respective husbands are away this weekend, so she’s coming round for a cuppa on Saturday afternoon which will be splendid. All I need to do is not eat the good biscuits between now and then…..

Also discovered that we have a Quince tree in our garden, so I’ve been making pies today, just little ones, which are in the freezer. I’ve written a blog post for Bonjour Limousin about the history of these ancient beauties should you choose to seek it out.

So between, pie making, 2 dog walks, some light blogging, house chores, and pruning the 10ft high neglected rose bushes out front, that’s been me today. The days just fly past, I genuinely don’t know where they go.

All 4 chests of drawers are now built and partially filled, thank goodness, I’d like to say that’ll be me done with flat packs for a while, but a full kitchen is nestling next door for me to swear at soooo…..

Finally, we had a lovely dog walk and picnic at Guéret this weekend. It was really hot, but windy, and at 1.00pm on a Sunday, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. After 2.00pm a few more people trickled out but only about a tenth of the people that were parked in the car park of the Royal Wok, the most excellent Chinese buffet restaurant we’ve been to a few times now. Perhaps that’s where they all were. It’s fab to have places like that to yourself. Shelly got to go for paddles off the sandy beach and he was absolutely thrilled!

Lastly, I’m slightly concerned that the lovely man that stopped to ask this particular village idiot directions this afternoon, may still be wandering the goat-tracks of Creuse…. really need to get daily French back into my routine!


What walkies looks like these days

Have you ever seen a happier dog!?

The most perfect autumn maple leaves

I ‘ate that duck

Our neighbouring village

With ginger, cardamom and cinnamon

Always a tiny face at the window

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