Stop! Hammer-time!

Well I bet that got your attention!

This morning, we went to “Hammer”, a blacksmith competition in Bennevant L’Abbeye, a town about 25 minutes away. The way it works around these parts is you find out what’s going on locally, via either a poster on a lamppost, or a poster on the notice board in our local Carrefour supermarket.

We are huge fans of a TV show called Forged in Fire, where knife, and blade, and sword makers compete to make ultimate weapons of war based around a central theme. Often historical pieces, or using a certain technique. Then, in a hugely contrived fashion, they attack massive blocks of ice or half a pig to determine, as one of the judges often says ” if it weeeel kiiiill”.

It’s fully hilarious, and every competitor looks like someone that has to always be 30ft away from playgrounds. Anyhoo, they had us at “Hammer” quite frankly.

The town itself is quite beautiful, we’ve only ever driven through it but we’ll certainly be back.

We followed the Hammer signs, including one on an actual stop sign, which is the single best thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had Can’t touch this, in my head ever since. We arrived at the event, and it was mainly middle aged Frenchmen contravening health and safety by heating a pile of bricks to incendiary temperatures in a car park. I don’t know how any of them have managed to keep their impressive facial hair.

A lovely lady spent 10 minutes explaining to Craig very intensely what was happening, we understood nothing. But the home brew called 1000 vaches (1000 cows) was exceptionally good.

There was a small hall inside selling some of the smiths wares, some of the most beautiful knives and objets d’art. We spent a good half hour watching this pile of fiery bricks, just willing a beardy man to hit something with a hammer, but alas it was not to be. But Craig does now want to be a blacksmith…..

We walked on to a small vide grenier, where the British Shop, had a stall. I now have Golden Syrup, Self Raising Flour, Pataks spice paste, and naan breads. Oooh and Branson pickle.

I was given some goose eggs and duck eggs by the local S.P.A animal welfare stall in exchange for a donation, so of course I gave them €10. They do amazing work here looking after unwanted dogs, so they are good people and deserve every penny!

We had a lovely, if not slightly unusual morning, but that’s the thing with France, you never know exactly what you’re going to get but every day is an adventure.

And heaven knows I enjoyed my pack of Seabrooks Prawn Cocktail in the car…..


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