I’ve just heard a meow. Figs has been asleep in the corner of our spare room since about 1.00pm today, it’s now just after 5. Everyone seems quite happy together, all 4 furry beasts were at one point all laid around the front garden enjoying the sun earlier. No barking, no chasing, no sitting in the front border squashing my daffodils. I did get another Voldemort earlier. This is a dead vole in case you hadn’t figured it out. This morning, laid out, all 4 paws and little teeth skywards on the patio furniture. I picked it up by the tail and moved it to what has become the sacrificial alter for any passing birds of prey, on the wall behind the postbox. Come the morning, he’ll have gone. Why do cats murder just for fun? At least a passing kestrel or owl can make use of him, poor little thing.

I’ve been trying to make amends for my appalling domestic goddess skills yesterday, Craig even ended up cooking the pizza himself last night because I was shattered. Epic, epic fail on my part. Tonight we’re having garlic and herb chicken, cauliflower cheese, and crispy gnocchi, probably done in the oven, underneath the chicken, I haven’t decided. It was Nigella from memory, that pointed out that gnocchi can be utilised as super fast mini roast potatoes, try them oven baked or fried if you haven’t already. They’re really good.

I’m trying to fast again, but at 3.30pm, I caved in and ate a small pack of smoked salmon that was in danger of going off. As you do. I’d been busy cutting the grass for a couple of hours, hanging out and taking in washing – usual stuff, but I knew I wasn’t going to last until 6.30pm today without eating something. I couldn’t face strimming or shredding today either, just couldn’t. Tired of being covered in chewed up grass!

I’m so paranoid about the ride on mower not being quite right again. It’s a standing joke that I use it twice and then have to call out the repair man. I have a tendency to try to use it on, er, inappropriate terrain, and I’ve been so careful, removing anything resembling a stick from the grass before I cut it. Like it or not though, we have an orchard, uneven ground and quite a slope in some areas at the bottom of the garden so it isn’t like mowing a putting green. I’m concerned that it didn’t quite have enough oomph today, but, last year’s petrol, slightly soggy mossy grass from this morning’s frost, and having to haul my carcass around can’t be easy. Perhaps I just need to cut it some slack, and I haven’t wedged another stick under the drive belt and worn down the cog again…. Time will tell, although I really do need to google a suitable ramp so I can do a few more belt checks myself before things get out of hand.

I seem to have shaken off the downer I’ve been on over the last few days, I shall credit this to buying 30 euros worth of incense (don’t judge me – my favourite has brought out one with a mimosa scent, it’s great for repelling insects and moths, and will get rid of a lingering curry or a stinky fosse smell – like that! – it’s literally a desert island disc luxury item for me at the moment. Although one has to question if I needed the new burner too…….. but anyhooo), and binge watching Queer Eye. I clearly needed the kind of life affirming “you go girl-ness” that only 5 stylish attractive gay men can supply. I’ve cried some happy tears over the last few nights I can tell you. I’d like them to come and live next door and just shout positive things at me while I’m picking up the dog poo…..

Hard to be sad when the sun is shining and the birds are singing though right? Craig has booked off a couple of days, and I can almost feel a bbq coming on – 21 balmy degrees early next week my friends – the abject joy! Although Friday’s plan is to properly register at the doctors so we can send the requisite forms off, and make sure that we are on the list for vaccinating as soon as such a thing is possible. I dislike grown up stuff, and especially grown up stuff with a doctor’s receptionist (I swear they all go to the same hellish finishing school for shrews), in a language I’m yet to be proficient at. What can possibly go wrong…..

Best switch the oven on or it’ll have to be a Nandos for tea. (Lol – those were the days…..)


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