Lockdown Hair

A new low has been reached here at Rosbif Towers.

For the first time in a long time hubs has to give a presentation to Les Grandes Fromages, but with cameras on. He, like I, has super curly hair, and his hasn’t been cut for a while. I trimmed his beard yesterday, but I don’t have the skills or confidence to do his hair. So, armed with a big round brush and some heat protect spray, my blow dryer and I set to work. To be fair it took seconds, he has really great hair the git! Needed more height at the front, and less width in the sides.

Once done, a quick blast of hairspray to stop things unfurling, et voila. He now looks like he works in an artisanal micro brewery.

Here is the Craig scale of lockdown hair.

10. Bob Ross

9. Nish Kumar

8. Thundercats Ho!

7. Bee Gee

6. Hostage

5. Willy Wonka

4. Banana Republic Despot

3. Victorian magician

2. Mumford & Sons

1. Kelvin from the Micro Brewery

It’s become increasingly apparent that I cut my own hair for the second time in lockdown, I am no longer allowed access to scissors without an adult present. There are long bits, short bits, and the overall shape is now more helmet than hairstyle. Our mobile hairdresser has been summoned but due to curfew can’t see us for a few more weeks. So, we continue to be thankful for facemasks, and the fact that everything fun is still shut!

Laters…… V.


  1. Absolutely hilarious!! Actually lol’d all of this. The temptation is huge to colour hair just a wee bit. I am lucky to have poker straight hair, so it’s just getting flatter and flatter to my head! Sadly it’s the little flecks of ‘sparkle’ as my hairdresser calls my grey that’s dominating now. Roll on a month until my appointment, hurray!! Hang in there, and step away from the scissors!! Xx

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