Le Medecin.

Morning folks,

Another frustrating day of French admin yesterday with absolutely zero achieved. Plan was to go and properly register with the doctors, so that we’d be at least in the system when vaccinations might actually be available for our age group. Armed with (not our first rodeo), passport, a utility bill, our last tax return, and our Carte Vitale (health card) just in case. The health centre in our local town is a pretty modern building opposite the Tourist Office. I had pre translated several phrases for the receptionist, who, I have to say was very kind and patient. I asked if we could both register there with a doctor as new patients. She asked for names etc, I handed her our Carte Vitales as our names are on there and it’s less painful than hearing me spell it in French. Despite us not seeing her scan the cards, she handed Craig’s back and told him that he already had a doctor. Well, he’s visited a doctor after an emergency trip to A&E to draw fluid off his knee, but we didn’t think that was the same as having registered, but fair enough. I however, had asked if a specific Doctor might be possible as he’s been recommended. She wrote down my name and told me to come back on Wednesday (as I think that’s when the Doctor is next in) but I literally have no clue. I did explain that I didn’t need an appointment, we just wanted to be in the system properly for vaccinating when the time came. She acknowledged this and still said Wednesday. So heaven knows what’s likely to occur then…. I’ll keep you posted.

After a trip to some friends of my in-laws for Craig to offer some tech support, but any excuse really for me to sit in their lovely kitchen, survey their lovely veg patch, eat excellent brownies, and chat about kombucha and sourdough. Terrible.

As we were only then a stones throw away, we popped in to the in-laws as I had a couple of things to drop off that I’d ordered for them. One of which was a tea cosy that bears a strong resemblance to a Bishops mitre. Of course I thought it would be hilarious to enter the house wearing it as such, only to be greeted by not just le Mama and Le Papa, but by 2 people I had not yet met. I’m thankful that I talked myself out of the whole “may the power of christ compel you” speech from the Exorcist as I fear they may now already think that I have issues…….

Carrefour then, for what should have been a small shop (and became a big shop), and finally used the “Resto” card that Craig has through work. 19 euros off our shop! You can use it daily to the tune of something crazy like 39 euros worth of McDonalds or KFC. Are you insane! I’m very glad that our closest franchises are an hour and a half round trip or that could get messy very very fast. I might need to rethink our shopping strategy though and go a couple of times a week instead of just once. We’re kicking ourselves for not taking the time to find out how to use it before now. Sadly we can’t go to McD’s and order 25,000 chicken nuggets – but one can dream. I bet even then they’d forget to put the sauce in……

Laters…… V x


  1. Your visit to the Dr sounds just like us. We asked to register and actually had forms from CPAM to be completed. I’d practiced what I needed to say, but receptionist just asked if we were ill and needed to the doctor, so we said no. We left with the forms not completed. After we realised we needed a Dr appointment to complete the forms. It has since been explained that the French don’t have a registration process like in the UK and generally you go on the Dr list once you have seen a Dr for a problem. So across France us Brits must confuse a lot of Dr receptionists 😍 😂🙄


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