The Accidental Peony

Thursday….. Well, yesterday was a failure. Despite going to the doctors as instructed by the receptionist last week, the shutters were rolled down at the glass window of the reception desk and it was ferme. It was 5 to 2, so thinking they might be at lunch I hung about for 10 minutes but still nothing. A notice I hadn’t seen said that on Mondays and Wednesdays, reception was closed from 12.30 until 4.00pm. Sigh….. Information that would have been useful to me when I asked the receptionist what time I should come, but hey ho. As per President Macron’s new speech last night, under 50s won’t start to receive the vaccine until mid June, and it doesn’t seem that having a registered Doctor is quite the same thing here as it is in the UK. You can book Doctor’s appointments via an app called Doctolib, and you don’t have to see the same Doctor each time, so you’re in control of it. I was aware of this app before, but I guess was trying to register as if I was still in the the UK. Plus my Mutuelle insurance through Craig’s work means I’ve pretty much got the best coverage possible as things stand. Perhaps I’ll schedule that neck-lift……..

Joking aside, I sat in natural light with a makeup mirror for the first time in a while yesterday and Jesus H Christ, when did it all go wrong! I thought I was holding off the ravages of time reasonably well, but the crows feet and crepey neck and baggy eyes, what the chuff?? That’s it now, I need to stop neglecting my skin care regime, which has become pretty much non existent. Back on with the Hyaluronic acid and the soothing night balm. Back on with the factor 50 (I do that anyway because, you know, ginger), and some gradual tan wouldn’t hurt. Maybe 45 years old is it. The year it all goes South, and I don’t mean to Cannes for the film festival.

I digress….. after the failed trip to the Doctors, I went to the supermarket to do a small shop. Thanks to the Resto card which gives us 19 euros off our shop every day (if it wasn’t a 40 minute round trip that is), an accidental peony slipped in to the trolley. Yes another one. Don’t judge me! The temptation is strong to rock up every day and buy free compost….. former me would have bought Prosecco and bath bombs.

There’s a little flower border I want to put in round the back under the kitchen window, and this peony will go in there, along with the jasmine that’s struggling in the house, and various lavenders that have outgrown their pots. I’ll go and fettle that in a minute before it gets too hot.

We’re in lockdown again for 4 weeks as of Saturday. We don’t really go anywhere anyway, so once again, I doubt we’ll even know the difference. I really really hope that this means Summer might have a semblance of normality with increased vaccinations etc. Our little break is planned for Mid September and it doesn’t feel impossible, but I’m also not pinning my hopes on it either. It was postponed from last year, and it can be done again if needs be.

……. Flower border installed. Area strimmed and a double layer of cardboard over the top. This has been topped off with a layer of compost and covered with membrane and polythene. This should help to degrade the cardboard at the same time as suppressing any weeds from underneath, meaning hopefully, it’ll be ready to plant when I need it.

It’s in front of an old pallet that will make the perfect support for sunflowers, question is whether to be all “extra” and paint it, or leave it au naturale. Tomorrow is the last day of heat in the 20’s so I’ll move my dahlias outside and let them have the best of it. Some of them are starting to sprout in their pots already – eek!!

I still have only 3 tulips of the 30 I planted in the border on our gable end. Bloody French mice! At 20 euros per tulip if we pro rata it, they had better be spectacular.

Friday…… Loads of outside tidying done today. Played with my new electric weed gun which fries unwanted dandelions. I felt a lot like a Ghostbuster using it, which is most pleasing. Venkman of course. It’s amazing how resilient weeds seem to be to a thing that was gleefully melting the hardcore, but time will tell how well it works and how long it lasts. I’ve definitely done something to both the petrol mower and the ride on mower it seems. Everything is cut but while both are better on the flat, there’s most definitely less oomph uphill. All things suggest perhaps something stuck or a slipping belt. I’ve ordered a ramp so I can take a look myself, but in typical fashion, 10 days for delivery. Sigh…..At least the cold spell we have coming might slow growth a little.

Saturday….lunch with the in-laws before we don’t get to see them for a month. Morrocan tagine, herby couscous (as Deliah pronounces it “coooooscooooos” – I’m a cusscuss girl), and some slightly singed “Damp Lemon and Almond cake” due to either Nigella’s dodgy cooking time, or our overly ferocious oven. With some light trimming it was still pretty tasty. Nige reckons if you leave it wrapped in foil for a few days it’ll continue to improve. Like a cake has ever lasted that long in our house.

Laters ….. V x

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