Morning all. Typing this from a prone position after a most excellent Eurovision party for 2 at Maison Rosbif last night. I’ve eaten 10 tonnes of rubbish and drunk several more gallons of rubbish, so a very lazy day is called for today.

My love for Eurovision has been with me since I was a kid. We’d watch it as a family, my Dad loved it, and we passed the torch on to my niece. We’d buy a copy of TV Quick magazine and use it’s printed scorecard to review our favourites. Even when we couldn’t be together on Eurovision night, we’d be in close contact via text or messenger. We even planned to dress as Conchita Wurst for my nieces hen party, spangly frocks and full beards. Since my Dad and my niece are no longer with us, it’s not just Sir Terry I raise a glass to at song number 9. It’s always a bitter sweet night for me, but I do still very much love it, and some super great songs this year. Iceland and Malta were my favourites, but as usual the voting is fully insane and I don’t think I’ve ever got a winner right since Katrina and the Waves! Poor James Newman though. That song did not deserve 0 points and neither did he. I think the UK has firmly established itself as universally unpopular, I mean, Israel even got points after the events of recent weeks. Anyway, loved it as usual – Amanda Holden though – what a tit!

This week has been a rainy one, so I finally tackled painting the stairs, although realised I didn’t have enough wallpaper, so I’ve had to order another ludicrously expensive roll of William Morris Strawberry Thief and cross my fingers that by some miracle they might have the same batch number, given I’ve had the other 2 rolls for more than a year. We shall wait and see.

We also received our WARP cards (residency permits) this week. Before putting the bunting up to celebrate though, Hubs nationality is wrongly listed as American. An e-mail to the prefecture and a phone call back in half an hour (wowzers France), they’ll sort it and he’ll just have to go back to the prefecture when it’s ready to swap cards. I wasn’t sure if I needed my maiden name on my card (they do it that way sometimes here on official documents) but the chap said that it matched my passport so it didn’t matter. Phew. It really is nice to not have to carry my passport or an e-mail confirmation of my application with me anymore. Feels very good indeed. Valid for 5 years, then hopefully after that, we should get a 10 year permanent card if nothing changes.

We made our very first trip into central Limoges this weekend, I’m sure it’s the first time this year. It’s the first weekend where non essential shops have been open and eating on restaurant terraces has been allowed, so it was lovely to see people outside enjoying themselves, despite the showers. We did a quick smash and grab on a few places we wanted to visit. Firstly my favourite Sostrene Grene in the Saint Martial shopping centre. Parked at the multi storey, straight in, following the one way system of green arrows, and security on the door to enforce a reduced number of people allowed in the building. Honestly felt a bit overwhelmed in the shop, it’s narrow and claustrophobic in there, and people were not respecting social distancing as well as they should have been despite the floor markers. It wasn’t terrible, but it felt like a lot after not being in a bustling shopping centre for a while. I bought some collapsible plastic crates, a new glass measuring jug as the dishwasher has worn the measurements away on mine, some lovely new mugs, a kitchen roll holder (the glamour), a polka dot vase that looks like a boiled sweet, and an assortment of my favourite pastel coloured table candles. They’ll rock up in my Insta stories over the next few days.

Then onwards to another subterranean carpark right in the centre (city-centre parking is so cheap here its ace), so we could visit the indie record shop we’ve wanted to go to for ages. It’s super cool, tucked away behind a main shopping thoroughfare and once inside, the slightly musty smell of the goth shops I used to frequent as a teenager. Any Leeds dwellers might remember the shop called Grimoire that was close to the market. All pachouli incense and second hand leather jackets. Good times. Craig bought a Mike Oldfield album and I bought an old copy of Bon Jovi’s New Jersey. Just because.

Then onwards to Warhammer to spend a ridiculous sum on more tiny figures for building and painting because we’re colossal nerds. If you don’t know what it is, it’s probably easier to look it up than for me to properly explain it. During lockdown, when the weather has been arse, it’s been fun to mess around with these intricate little guys. I think it totally makes sense that Warhammer’s profits have soared during the pandemic. It’s definitely partly our fault…..

Then a very quick trip to my favourite Garden Centre Truffaut, for some new dog beds for the kids. The one I bought the previous week is too small, but the dogs loved it, even if they crammed themselves in, so the cats will inherit that one, and 2 more larger ones were procured. They’re made of recycled plastic bottles so that’s super cool. However, on carrying them from the car to the house, one of the cushions slipped out and I trod on it and went fully arse over tit. Fortunately I fell mainly onto the beds themselves, but not without bashing my arm on the gate, hurting my wrist from trying to limit the damage, and fully smacking my knee, which is fat and black and swollen. I have become so clumsy it’s not even funny. It’s a bit painful to walk on still, but not as bad as yesterday thankfully.

Lastly, for now, we’re booked in for our first jab this coming week, and I cannot wait! The second one is also booked for early July so this means (depending on how things are looking closer to the time of course), that we might actually get to go to Puy Du Fou in September. Fingers crossed.

Laters, and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend……

V xx

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