Vaccination, woo-ooh that’s what you need….

Obviously the title is to be sung as if you are Roy Castle on an episode of Record Breakers, preferably while tap-dancing, playing the trumpet, or both.

This morning was our first dose of Pfizer, and all went swimmingly. We arrived a little early to make sure we went to the right place (we’re 4 hours before a flight kinda people), and as it turns out, it was exactly the same bit of the hospital that we went to with Craig’s fat knee last year. One thing about going to the Doctors here, is the waiting room etiquette. On arrival, don’t skulk into the quietest corner, avoid any eye-contact and pretend to scroll your phone. Oh no, you must flounce and announce with a cheery “Bonjour Monsieur-dames!”, like you’re auditioning for an amateur dramatic society production of Le Cages Aux Folles. I have said hello more this morning than in all of last year. I do not like it.

The vaccination process was super quick and easy. Questionnaire to be filled out, despite having brought one with us pre-filled from the Doctolib app, and this was done in short order by the inscrutable Edna Mode from the Incredibles. I may or may not now have super powers…. Typically while I was waiting, idle fingers wandered to a tiny cat scratch on my arm. The next I knew blood was running down my arm and all over my hand. Sigh… Lots of antibacterial gel and paper towels and I managed to stem it but seriously, it was about 3mm long if that and wouldn’t stop bleeding. What a pillock!

Once we were all done, we went to the garden centre for more compost and mulch so I can plant my dahlias, and Aldi for a couple of pain au chocolates , which were devoured in the orchard with a coffee when we got home.

It’s been a gorgeous day today so did some weeding, and a bit of planning where the dahlias are going to go, but got a bit of a dead arm now approaching bed time, so I’ve taken 2 pre-emptive Ibuprofen to try and ward off anything further come the morning.

I am pretty tired too, but that could be the gardening I suppose.

*Update – very tired this morning, mainly due to the fact that we both had ridiculous technicolour dreams all night. I was abducted by a taxi driver in the centre of Leeds, witnessed a break in and apprehended the perpetrators at my Mums house, and became a Dan Brown style investigator of symbols and folklore in the elaborate cathedrals of Europe. Anyone else had crazy dreams as a result of the vaccine?

Arm still sore this morning, but perhaps a little less so. We shall see as the day goes on.

Happy Friday my lovelies.

Laters… V xx

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